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Seeing the Unseen: State of World Population Report 2022

An estimated 121 million pregnancies per year take place in the bodies of women who did not choose pregnancy or motherhood, who were not planning to h...

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Introducing a brand new copyright for the human body. Help end online abuse and digital violence by claiming your bodyright.

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The Virtual is Real

16 Days of Activism against Gender-based Violence

The Virtual is Real

The campaign features the stories of 11 women from different parts of the world who experienced different forms of digital violence.

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The A-Compass: The UNFPA adaptive management model

The publication presents the first ever?adaptive?management?model of UNFPA, the A-COMPASS. A-COMPASS will navigate individuals?and teams towards…

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Seeing the Unseen: The case for action in the neglected crisis of unintended pregnancy

Half. That’s the share of all pregnancies that are unintended. What does this say about our values, our priorities – our future?

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UNFPA Strategic Plan 2022 - 2025

The UNFPA Strategic Plan 2022–2025 charts the course forward in achieving equality, equity and non-discrimination, empowerment of women and girls,…

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